First Leg: Italy

At the end of September I fly to Frankfurt to start my 3 month trip to “Europe”, which I have been aching to do ever since I visited Germany over 5 years ago. I put Europe in quotations because it’s easier to say that to most people. In reality, I am spending extended time in … More First Leg: Italy

Thank You

Frauenkirche Dresden 2009, I think… I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has followed along over the last several months. I will now be taking an extended leave of absence to pursue a long time dream of becoming an “amazing ball whacker guy”, and that dream starts today. Jokes though, I just … More Thank You

Criss-crossing Times Square on Bloody Feet

(Via: You ever spend time waiting or looking for something that wasn’t really worth it in the end. I don’t care if it happens at home. At home, I can come back to my house and take my anger out in some classy way (something involving an axe). Abroad, you have to keep you … More Criss-crossing Times Square on Bloody Feet

Why I’m Sharing

Before I start: I am NOT a writer. I do not pride myself on having proper knowledge in this area. I am merely sharing my experience, and I apologize if my writing style (or lack of) pulls you the wrong way. I think we have all been in the same boat before. Whether we are planning … More Why I’m Sharing