State of Toronto

It’s has now been a little over 2 months since I moved to Toronto, in March. I have to say, I’ve barely started to scratch the surface of the city, but thought it would be good to catch up! Thumbs Up: Walkability- Toronto has been a great city to explore by foot, so far! There’s … More State of Toronto

Graffiti Alley

Just a few of my favourite sections from earlier this month 🙂 I finally poked my head outside for more than an hour a few weeks back and headed up to Graffiti Alley, located right off of Spadina/Queen Street West. Toronto is supposed to have some great murals and sections over the city where graffiti … More Graffiti Alley

New York: Grimaldi’s Pizza/Brooklyn Bridge

(Retrieved From: My second full day in New York If there is one common theme from this trip, it’s that I never woke up before 9:30 the entire week. I was exhausted from finishing the second year of my management program, I’ll have you know (I’m lying, because the management program wasn’t that tough). … More New York: Grimaldi’s Pizza/Brooklyn Bridge